Inside the brand of Biotivia that is known for resveratrol extracts

Biotivia Longevity Bioeuticals or also known as Biotivia is a formulator and manufacturer of supplements and cosmetic rejuvenation products for functional, medical, and consumer food markets. The company has products made to address specific biological processes and control genetic and cellular pathways that are known to bolster one’s health and support vitality of the body.

The company is known for coming up with the most potent polyphenolic compound Resveratrol supplement, Transmax. It is due to the hard work of Managing Director James Betz, PhD, and his team of longevity research and development scientists.

Biotivia extracts its Trans-resveratrol from the root of the Japanese Knotweed. This is the biological active form of resveratrol. A capsule of Transmax is said to be the same as drinking 500 glasses of red wine. It provides improved energy levels and bolsters the overall well-being of an individual.

Other products that are marketed as resveratrol supplements use synthetic resveratrol. Biotivia uses natural extracts to guarantee the potency of its product. Synthetic resveratrol usually has contaminants and chemicals that were used during its production. Transmax also has the highest concentration of the extract on the market. A single capsule of Transmax per day is enough to increase energy, limit appetite, and help you focus.

Biotivia products are made in the company’s facility, in accordance with FDA, USP, and GMP regulations. The company also invented an active packaging system used for their supplement products that guarantee the potency and bio-activity of the ingredients. The packaging system also extends the products’ shelf life.

Its supplements were formulated to be taken together. They were designed to address various issues, and some of the benefits overlap. It means that Biotivia products are safe to be used together or separately.

The company was founded in Vienna, Austria in 1992. It started out as a supplier of natural raw materials and botanicals to various supplement and functional food industries as well as scientific facilities and researchers across the globe. At present, its headquarters is located in New York and maintains offices in Singapore, London, Italy, and Kansas City.

At present, Biotivia’s research is focused on anti-aging solutions. Its in-house pharmacist, scientists, and researchers are continuing to discover new formulas for supplements. They also collaborate with other scientists all over the planet to conduct clinical trials to determine the efficacy of their supplements.

One of its beauty products is Celle, which it describes as the most effective skin care treatment. It has resveratrol and Swiss plant stem cells. Biotivia spent four years to design and perfect the skin cream. It uses Edelweiss, which is known as a remedy for burn skin patients. The company’s scientists removed unhealthy chemical additives to ensure that Celle is effective and harmless to the skin.

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