Brand Overview of Bluebonnet Nutrition

Founded in 1991, Bluebonnet Nutrition Corporation got its name from the state flower of Texas. The company was launched in Sugar Land, Texas. Its aims include offering the most natural, high-quality, potent, cleanest and purest nutritional supplements that are exclusively sold to natural food retailers.  Also called as Bluebonnet Nutraceutical, Ltd., Bluebonnet Nutrition is an independent, family-run company resembling the independent natural food stores it serves. The company manufactures and markets its products under the brand name Bluebonnet. It manufactures most of its nutritional and health supplements at its facility in Texas. Its products are sold in natural food stores across the USA, Asia and Europe, to retailers such as Whole Foods Market.

Bluebonnet Nutrition Products

Bluebonnet Nutrition offers vitamins, herbs, amino acids, multivitamins, protein powders, mineral formulas marine-based and plant-derived omega fatty acids, soy products, food supplements, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and antioxidants. Its supplements are distributed in several different forms that include liquids, powders, soft gels and capsules. Bluebonnet Nutrition also provides specialty supplements mainly for the skin, joint, bone, immune system, brain, eye, nail, hair, cardiovascular support and weight management. Moreover, the company provides herbal products that are made for general wellness and health, resistance/immunity, healing, stress and weight management, renewing and raising body energy/vitality, and functional/structural applications for the body.

Bluebonnet Nutrition is known for the high quality ingredients present in its every product. The company conducts regular inspections to make sure that its ingredients are of the finest quality. In order to preserve the freshness of all the ingredients it uses, it only purchases small quantities of raw materials. All of the ingredients used in the products are quarantined before they are sent to the laboratory for microbial testing and raw material identification. These ingredients should meet the quality standards of the company so that they can be included in making the supplements.

Bluebonnet Nutrition has an experienced product development team that makes sure every Bluebonnet supplement is efficacious and safe. They are not only experienced in their field, but they are also dedicated to developing more effective and cleaner formulas. Bluebonnet Nutrition is also recognized as the industry’s leader in launching some innovative ingredients that include nucleotides, vegetarian SOD, grape seed extract and ubiquinol.

Bluebonnet Nutrition manufactures 85% of its products in-house. It employs “content uniformity” on all its products. It can assure every consumer of the consistent nutrient content in every batch. The company makes sure that what is written on the product label is actually present in the container or bottle as well. It even performs some tests to see the potency levels of the product are maintained until its expiration date. Before its products are sold in the market, they are tested for dissolution, disintegration, hardness, uniformity, purity and potency by reputable independent laboratories.

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